Raise the sails…

This weekend I attended a Christian Women’s Conference. I am quite glad I went. There was wonderful worship, great teaching, good food, and of course sweet fellowship with sisters in the faith.

As usual when attending something like this there is one thing that has stayed in my mind. One thing that made me wonder. There will be other things, I know. But right now this has my attention.

The afternoon speaker said something—not his main point—just an aside—but I cannot get it out of my head.

“If you do not raise the sails of the boat for the Holy Spirit to fill, you will wear yourself out rowing the boat.”

That is what he said. Pretty simple but thought-provoking. Made me think about my “boat’ and how much time I spend rowing without the sails unfurled. Why have I ever left the shore without raising the sails?

The Holy Spirit is with me wherever I go. Yet how often do I attempt to navigate my life without the wisdom, the guidance, the help, the power of the Spirit? Too often I am afraid. But why?

Is it pride, the desire to be independent and self-reliant? Jesus told the disciples that He would send a Helper who would teach them and remind them of all He had said. I do not have to invent the wheel—it has already been done!

Maybe it is the side of pride that does not want to appear weak. Yet I am weak. I need the strength of the Spirit. He is powerful and available to me–I need only to ask and He will fill the sails to help me on my journey.

I do not like to be told when or where to go. I want to do it my way. So I row row row my boat. And for a time I may be merry but in truth left to my own devises I will go where I am not meant to be or get lost or most often spend a lot of time going in circles. If I let the sails fill with the Spirit He will change my course if need be, keep me from where I am not meant to be, show me a better way. Take me where I will learn, where I will grow, where I am needed, where I will find rest, where I will be with Christ.

We are told in 2 Corinthians 3:17 that where the Spirit is there is freedom. Wonderful freedom from the past we try with all our might to row away from–wearing ourselves out. Silly people. Sails filled with the Spirit will put the past far away and power our boats to unimaginable places—even Heaven.

Great is our Lord, and of great power; His understanding is infinite.

Ps 147:5

The reality of God’s presence is seen when the power of the Spirit fills our sails.

Is this not awesome?

Just wondering…

What are your thoughts?

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