Many years ago my heart was softened and prepared and made ready for the indwelling of the Spirit.  When I opened the door of my heart Jesus entered.  Not just for a brief visit. He came to stay. I have been thinking about this and wondering what it is like in the house of my heart.  I have been asking many questions about this heart home of Jesus.

Do I keep it clean?  Do I daily dust and sweep away the dust and dirt that blows in from outside?  Do I clean not only the open places but also those secret hidden places nobody sees? Are there cobwebs in the corners that I neglect to wipe away so they continue to collect little specks of dust until they are just too nasty to ignore?  Does it smell fresh and clean?

Do I keep the clutter under control—does everything have a place and purpose—is everything where it is meant to be and used not simply stored?  Are there things that have served their purpose and are no longer needed or used that have passed their expiration date and are useless?  Is it time to take inventory of what to keep or give away or throw away?

What about the precious things and people?  Am I careful of them?  Are they well cared for, safe and secure?  Not taken for granted?  Do the people know that they are more precious than the things?  Do the people of my heart know they are important, loved, thought of and prayed for always?  Do they know they are my most precious blessings?

Does the house of my heart have a strong sturdy door?  One that opens easily and closes securely.  A door that opens readily to let in and out all the beauty and love and blessings of life—all the sorrow, sadness and pain that come with a life truly lived.  One that opens to welcome all with love and without prejudice.  One that opens when it is time say good bye to those I love so they can freely go.  A door that closes to hate and injustice, unkindness and meanness, unbelief and wickedness and all the evil designs of Satan.A door that shields and protects,shutting out the confusion and chaos that can come from the world,giving quiet and solitude and rest.

Does the house of my heart have clean shiny windows so the Son can be seen shining bright and clear?

How does it feel in the house of my heart? Spacious yet cozy,practical but fun,peaceful and calm?  Is it a place to hide and hurt and heal.A place to play and laugh?A place where people want to be where there is unconditional love?

May Christ through your faith (actually) dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts.            

                                   Ephesians 3:17 Amplified Bible

What about the house of my heart where the Spirit dwells?  I wonder what He thinks of it?   Am I a good housekeeper?  What are His plans?  Does He want to remodel?  Maybe a little fresh paint—a new sofa…

Just wondering…

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