Have you noticed how much time and thought and effort is spent on getting ready to spend time with someone special?  It does not seem to matter where we are going with that someone special.  It could be to an elegant dinner or MacDonald’s, a concert or movie, a sporting event or a walk in the park.  The where is not important–just the who.
No matter where we are going we spend a lot of time getting ready.  Everything must be perfect.  We bathe and shampoo using fancy soaps and lotions and sprays.  We brush and floss and whiten and rinse.  We see to it that our nails are shaped and polished.  Our brows plucked, eyelashes curled and mascara applied.  Blemishes covered and cheeks rosy, lipstick perfect.
Then the clothes.  Clean and pressed, of course, new if possible, and certainly something that is currently in vogue.  Curves accented and bulges disguised.
Jewelery is a must.  Not too much–just the right touch of sparkle and flash–enough to be noticed but not over done.
And the shoes.  Very important.  It does not matter if they are comfortable  or not or even if they fit properly.  They can be torturous as long as they are in the style of the moment–and do not make our feet look big.
A lot of preparation goes into getting ready for that special someone.
All that makes me wonder…how much time, thought and effort am I spending getting ready to go to Heaven to be with The Special One, the Lord?
How much time do I spend seeing to it that my heart is pure?  Do I keep it clean and soft with prayer and scripture and scented with the fragrance of the Spirit?
Are my hands always ready to help, to serve, to work, to be His hands in this world?  Is my touch firm and strong yet gentle and kind?
Do I give careful thought to what my eyes look at–what I allow into my mind?  Are they open to the needs of others or do they only see what I want and desire for myself?  Do I look only at the lovely neglecting the unlovely and unwanted in this world?
Do I put too much time and effort into covering up the blemishes in my life and not enough in clearing up the ones I have and preventing new ones from popping up?
Do I think before I speak?  Do I speak words of beauty and truth or ugliness and gossip?
And what of the clothes that I am putting on to meet Him?  Have I put off the  dirty ragged clothes of the past and put on the new clean white garments that He purchased for me?  Am I ridding myself of the ugly bulges of sin or just disguising them as pretty curves?
Am I pursuing the sparkle and flash of costume jewelery that has little value and quickly loses its luster?  Or do I desire refined silver and gold and it’s simple beauty that never fades or diminishes?
And what about my feet?  Do I wear shoes that do not fit because I want to be liked and popular and go where the world leads even if I do not belong there and it hurts?  Or do I put on the shoes He has for me to wear to follow Him?
Your adornment must not be merely external-braiding of the hair, and wearing of gold jewelery, putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.
                                      1 Peter 3:3-4
I wonder what the hidden person of my heart looks like? I know she is different than what she was.  I hope she is becoming beautiful in His sight.
I wonder what The Special One sees when He looks at me?  I pray that what He sees pleases Him.
Just wondering…

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