God puts us on a path and has a plan for our lives.  Stay on the path.  Start at A and travel to B.  Pretty straightforward.  Simple enough. Easy to follow directions.  However, though the path may be straight it is not with out it’s interesting topography and distractions.
There are mountains to climb and valleys to walk through.  Prairies  to cross and forests to wander. Tropics to melt in and deserts to bake in. Roaring oceans to conquer and and calm lakes to relax in.  Rushing waterfalls to be in awe of and quiet streams to dream by.
There are miles to travel and most are just step after step day after day.  We travel along, sort of unconscious for the most part, to what is around us. But there are some miles that are like a racetrack–everything moving too quickly and seemingly in circles.  With near misses and serious crashes about to happen or almost happening or actually happening all the time.  There are miles on end that are just boring.  Endless days and nights of emptiness or the same thing over and over.  Miles when we wonder–what’s the point anyway and will it never end?  And let’s not forget the miles we backtrack because we think we forgot to lock the door or left the iron on.  The miles we have to go back over because something was left undone or done poorly and needs to be done again.
Our paths also take us through seasons of life.  Springs of new birth and warm winds of change.  Summers of hot sunshine with abundant lush growth.  Autumns of cool rains and the work of harvest.  Winters of cold storms and hushed waiting.
Then there are the obstacles: short or tall, narrow or wide, soft or hard, small or big, distressing or painful, our own doing or put in place by others, just bothersome or overwhelming.  Some we will skip through, over or around barely noticing anything was in the way.  And there will be those that will loom large and threaten our very being.  Whatever, or whoever, the obstacles are–all will need to be faced and dealt with and put behind us one way or another sooner or later.
Though there are times of solitude on the path it is not a journey taken alone.  There will be places where other paths cross ours, places where paths meet up and merge with one another for a time.  There will be those who slow us down others who make us hurry up.  They may influence us for good or bad, be a trial or a joy, make us laugh or make us cry.  They may trip us up or help us up, teach us what we need to know or be taught by us, be a blessing to us or be blessed by us.
And though His plan for us is perfect He knows His children like their freedom. So He allows freedom.  And He knows that in that freedom we may make wrong choices, make our own plans, ignore His signposts along the way,wander off the path, get stuck in the mud, be led astray or even get lost.
But wonders of wonders!
Mark well that God doesn’t miss a move that you make; He’s aware of every step you take.
               Proverbs 5:21 The Message Bible
I wonder if when we get to heaven we will get an overview of the plan with a detailed map of our path?  Sort of a picture of how the plan unfolded–A to B–beginning to end.
I wonder just how far off course I travel trying to have my way, taking short cuts or scenic routes, thinking I can improvise or improve on His plan?
Just wondering…

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