We live in a world that idolizes freedom.  A world where anything goes.  Whatever you want to be or do is okay, acceptable, and encouraged.  We live busy, often driven lives, working to reach our goals and live our dreams, giving little thought to how we live.
It is not wrong to have goals and dreams, it is good.  But I wonder if we have come to believe that the pursuit of our dreams and the right to do so means we have no obligation or accountability to anyone but  ourselves? Do we live in our own insulated worlds thinking that what others think, want, need or feel is of little or no consequence?  Have we come to believe our own life is more important or valuable than the life of anyone else?
Like people today, the Israelites had dreams and goals, things they put before all else.  They were great consumers, eating and drinking but never satisfied, always wanting more.  They worked hard yet never had enough money, it was like their pockets had holes in them.  They worked and dreamed and pursued their desires, just as the world does today.  They were self centered,  pretty much ignoring God and His work, goals, and desires.  Busy with their houses and neglecting God’s.  Just as the world does today.
They were not meant to live self centered lives and neither are we.  There will come a time for us when, like the people of Israel, God will move our spirits.  Then we will think about what we are doing and where we are going.  We will consider the importance and implications of our conduct and behavior.  We will be deliberate and mindful about our plans and directions.
It is not enough to change our thinking.  We will change our ways.  Our priorities will change.  We will see that our fine houses are worthless when His is in ruin.  Then we must act.  He has work for us to do.
The spirit of the people of Israel was moved, by God, to begin the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  So too our spirit is moved, by God, to rebuild the temple.  Not a physical structure but a spiritual one.  We are to build this temple with bricks of honor and respect and reverence, using the cement of  love and filling it with joy.
It may seem an overwhelming task to change from selfish people intent on our own agendas to people in God’s army. There is no reason to be afraid to begin the work for we are assured that He is with us.  But we must take the first step and make the decision. We are to consider our ways and choose what we will do.
Once we make our decision God blesses us.  If we hesitate to make our choice we delay the blessings He has for us; the people of Israel delayed their blessings by not working on the temple.  He does not hesitate, before the work is completed there are blessings; satisfaction with what we have now, contentment where we are now, and the knowing that there is so much more to come.
This is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways”. 
Haggai 1:7
I wonder how carefully I think about the ways of my daily life?          
I wonder what blessings I am delaying because I hesitate when my spirit is moved?
Just wondering…


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