Most, if not all, of us know lying is wrong.  And most, if not all, of us know that one of the Ten Commandments tell us not to give false testimony, do not lie.

But we do lie and we tell ourselves it is no big deal–everybody does it.  And we grade the lies, little, big, necessary, bad, not too bad, accidental, the list goes on.  There are the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselves.

We tell little white lies to others to make them feel better or because we do not want to hurt them.  Things like—no, that dress does not make you look fat, your new hair color looks so natural, everybody cheats on their taxes, do not give it another thought I am fine that you forgot my birthday, or you look the same as you did twenty years ago.  We tell little white lies to ourselves, too, one piece of cake will not throw me off my diet, I will start exercising tomorrow, I am fine one more drink then I will go home, as long as nobody gets hurt it is okay.

When we exaggerate to make others think we are more important, smarter, braver, more disciplined, happier, or more successful than we are we are lying.  Sometimes we want sympathy or we want to shock someone so we embellish the truth–with lies.  We even exaggerate situations or circumstances to ourselves.  We say we are starving or stupid or so tired we cannot move a muscle or that we will die if we have to do something we do not like or are afraid of.

Then there are the lies of omission.  We simply ignore the truth or reality of something.  We look away from the difficult or ugly denying it exists.  We do not speak up when we see or hear distortion of the truth, when there is deceit and perversion.  We keep quiet because it is none of our business, or we are too busy, or surely someone else is better equipped or qualified to deal with the issue.

Bottom line–pride is the beginning of lies whatever kind they are.  When we tell a lie to protect or help someone we are really protecting or helping ourselves.  The biggest lie is that it is no big deal to tell a little white lie or exaggerate or to turn away from a truth.  After all everybody does it.  We need to know, really know in our hearts, that all lies are destructive.  Lies destroy trust, confidence, reputations, friendships and families.  Lies wreak havoc with the mental, emotional and physical well being of us all.

Here’s what I have learned about lies and the antidote, truth:

Lies tear down, contaminate and pollute, like a cardboard box they offer false security, hidden and confusing, are never satisfied and exhaust us, limit and confine, imprison, restrict and stagnate and end in death.

Truth builds up, is pure, natural and real, protects like a strong fortress, open and transparent, content and filled with energy, encourages and enlarges our world, frees, is lush and abundant with life.

Lies hurt and sometimes truth hurts; the tears that result from lies are bitter and sting, the tears of truth are sweet and refreshing.

The Lord detests lying lips,but He delights in men who are truthful.  Proverbs 12:22

I wonder if the Lord has found delight in me today?

Just wondering…

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