Formula for Peace

If several people were asked to describe or define peace there would be as many different responses as people asked.  What we think peace is depends largely on what is happening in our life and where we are on our life journey.  A young persons vision of peace is very different from an elderly persons, a single moms idea is different from an empty nester, someone out of work and needing a job would see peace as something different from someone on a career track.  Whatever the differences of opinion one thing is certain, everyone desires peace.

So what is peace, where is it found, and once found how do we keep it?  Who finds peace and why does it stay with them?

Peace is not freedom from troubles and difficulties or sorrows.  It is a sense of well-being, a completeness, a quiet calm and security no matter what the circumstances are at any given time.

Peace is found in a well-disciplined mind, a focused mind that searches for truth in all things.  One that is not confused or tossed about by troubling thoughts or turbulent emotions.   A mind that knows the difference between facts and feelings.  Peace is constant when the mind does not wander aimlessly but travels through life  confidently.

Anyone can have this peace.  All that is needed is trust.  Not trust in things or money or people or education or our own ego or any of the many beliefs or ideologies of the world today.   The trust that brings peace is the all abiding trust and faith in the One who offers peace in the first place.  Place your trust in Him and you will have  peace.  Perfect peace that never goes away because He guards and sustains the peace of those who trust in Him.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

Keep, mind, stayed, trust, You.  Five words, the formula for perfect peace.    I wonder why I make something so simple so complicated!

Just wondering..


10 thoughts on “Formula for Peace

  1. Hi Patricia,

    I agree. Peace is found by having faith. I also call it contentment. Even when the world around me seems to be traveling at an alarming speed and things aren’t as I’d like, in my heart I know He will see me through. Knowing that gives me peace, and makes me smile. It always works out according to His plan.

  2. Thank you Patricia for writing on my post today. I thought your words about peace were lovely reflections on that Isaiah passage…why do we make things so complex? I wonder a great deal about that.

    I think perfectionism gets in my way of peace because I am attempting to achieve some standard, when I can say that perfectionism is only in God and remember that God is within me…I can get on my own path to living out a peaceful life.

  3. Hi Patricia,
    I don’t know about you, but I complicate things by forgetfulness, and by expecting there to be more.
    You have a good point: He keeps me in peace as I keep myself mindful of Him. Now if I can only remember!

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