War and Peace

Listening to news reports and reading newspapers it seems the world is at war.  Not just countries are at war with each other; companies and institutions, individuals and organizations, families and friends are all at war.

It is as if everyone wants what someone else has and will do anything to make it theirs. The mindset is, if I want it there is no reason I should not have it. It does not matter what “it” is, power, money, place, fame, success, even love.  If someone does not do what you want them to do, or give you what you want, if they do not do what makes you happy, they become the enemy; someone forced to do and think as you want.  Someone to use for your benefit and satisfaction without thought of their well-being.

War is extreme conflict, it kills people, it kills the body ending life.  It also kills people emotionally and mentally, leaving them alive but not living.  Wars, big and little, international or personal, never build up, they destroy.  That is the purpose of war, destruction.

How do we end this insanity?

The answer is simple, we please the Lord.

How do we please the Lord?

  • We are humble
  • We seek Him
  • We pray
  • We are Christ-centered
  • We keep His commandments
  • We do good works that support, encourage, and give life
  • We increase in knowledge of God
  • We are filled with thanksgiving and gratitude
  • We praise Him
  • We have faith

When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even his enemies live at peace with him. Proverbs 16:7

When enemies are at peace they are no longer enemies hating one another, they are brothers loving one another.

I wonder how pleasing I am to the Lord?  I know I do not always do what pleases Him.  I wonder why not?

Just wondering…



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