Seeking God, part 3…

When we seek God and begin to know Him then what? Are our days of seeking over? Or do we want to know more of God and His ways? Do we want to be closer to Him? To be more like Him?

If we seek Him with all our heart we will always want to know more, to grow and mature in Him, to become more like Him. So we continue seeking.

When we first seek the Lord, we look to others, other sources, to show us who He is and what He is like.  When we  come to know Him, personally, we spend more quiet time alone with Him; in prayer and meditation and reading the bible.

He allows us, even desires us, to be in His presence. Not because we have the right or deserve to be with Him, but because he loves us. And because He loves us He wants us to know what He has done in the past and is doing now.  We are to watch for His works.

When we watch for Him we will discover amazing things, we will witness His wonders. We will begin to really understand who God is.  We will also have more questions.  In time, God’s time, they will be answered. Some quickly without delay, some more slowly, and some not until we see Him face to face in His temple. We are to watch and be alert.

We are to be alert to the signs of the Lord’s presence. Some are big and awesome and can’t be missed;  sunrises and sunsets, storms and earthquakes.  Some are small and awesome; children laughing, a hug from a friend. Some signs are obvious; birth, healing, death, unexpected money when badly needed. Some are often missed; a smile from a stranger, help with directions, a call from a friend.

If we are inattentive, unmindful, or thoughtless, we will miss the signs. If we become complacent or disrespectful and take His presence for granted we will not have the sensitivity or discernment or wisdom to recognize the signs.

When we watch and stay alert the excitement and astonishment we felt when we first entered His presence remains fresh and wonderful.  We see the evidence of His works, the plans and purposes He has for this world and for His people.  We are blessed beyond measure.

Keep your eyes open for God,

watch for His works;

be alert for signs of His presence.

Psalm 105:4 the message bible

If we watch and are alert we will see the signs. Sometimes in surprising ways and often when we least expect it.

I wonder how many signs I miss because I am “too busy” to stop and look?

I wonder how many blessings I miss because I am in a hurry or tired or consumed with self?

Just wondering…


4 thoughts on “Seeking God, part 3…

  1. This takes me back tothe most wonderful (and life changing) courses I’ve ever taken. It is called “Experiencing God: by Henry Blackaby. I became aware of all around me, the sychronicity, and how God was working in my life.

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