Daniel’s prayer example…

We know that God wants to hear our prayers; He wants us to come to Him with our needs and wants. But how do we bring this kind of prayer to God?

Daniel was a man of prayer and in chapter nine of Daniel  is recorded a prayer of his, a prayer of supplication, a plea for God to turn away His anger from Jerusalem (v.16). We can learn from this prayer; it is like a recipe we can follow with assurance that our prayer has been heard and only have to wait on God’s answer.

First, Daniel prepared for his time in prayer; he turned to God, faced Him, gave Him his full attention.  Daniel emptied himself of pride and self-centeredness.  His attitude was one of penitence and mourning (v3).

Then he acknowledged God for who He is and what He has done.  He is great, awesome, righteous, merciful, forgiving.  (4,7,9).

Third, Daniel confessed his sin and the sins of Israel.  There has been wickedness, rebellion, disobedience, disrespect, unfaithfulness.  They have sinned against God and brought disaster to Israel (v5-15).

Not until Daniel confessed and acknowledged sin for what it is and what it has caused does he bring his request to the Lord.  He pleads with God to turn away His anger, not because they are righteous or for their sake, but because of His mercy and for the sake of His Name (v16-19).

So there is a recipe for supplication:

  1. prepare your heart–use only clean empty clay pots
  2. worship God–only the best of ingredients are used
  3. confess your sin, all of it–beat until smooth with no lumps left
  4. ask forgiveness–sprinkle with tears as needed
  5. bring you requests to God–using a dish you do not want back is suggested, you will leaving it with Him
  6. desire only His will be done–for quality assurance purposes
  7. Amen–rejoice and enjoy

At the beginning of your pleas for mercy a word went out…for you are greatly loved.

Daniel 9:23

As Daniel was greatly loved, so are you.  When you begin to pray, as Daniel prayed, you are heard and an answer goes out.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

I wonder why I think I will be less loved if I confess it all?

I wonder why I sometimes do not like the taste of God’s will?

I wonder if others wonder these things?

Just wondering…

6 thoughts on “Daniel’s prayer example…

  1. I appreciate your 7 steps. I never understood the Catholic confessional thing where a person leaves the box feeling all forgiven, absolved(by a man no less), and rejuvenated. Say a prayer, rub some beads and flip a buck in the poor box and light a candle and there you are. Where are the 7 steps in all this? And shouldn’t there be a #8 -atonement and a #9 – re commitment to be guided by the Holy Spirit renouncing the sinful ways of the world?

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