Wait for God only…

At the beginning of the year I wrote about my word for the year, wait.  I also wrote about waiting without complaint.  Since the first of the year I have waited mostly without complaint, but there have been days of whining and complaining. I am still a work in progress here and some days there is less progression and more digression.  I am putting effort into changing this…

In my weeks of waiting there have been some decisions and choices to be made.  I have taken these things to the Lord and waited for His guidance and direction.  He is ever faithful and of the five choices and decisions needing to be made three have been decided.  Waiting on Him has given me a  peace with what and how changes have been made that I would not have had if I had relied solely on my own thoughts.  I know in His time the remaining two questions will be settled in the best possible way.

But, I am wondering if this is what my word, wait, is meant to accomplish.  I have thought that perhaps I have misunderstood what I am to learn this year from the word wait.  It is true that I have been less impulsive with my decisions and I have sought the Lord more deliberately and with an openness that I have not had in the past.  I am not debating with Him now.  Yet, there is a place the Spirit is leading me, a place, I think, I have not really been before.

It seems I have been very busy waiting, praying, meditating, and seeking.  Maybe that busyness is not what God wants of me at this time.  Maybe He wants me to settle down, quiet myself, be still, in silence.  Maybe my hope from Him at this time is  His encouragement and inspiration; a time to grow in  confidence and trust in His promises.

Maybe wait has nothing to do with questions and answers, choices and decision, plans and agendas.

Maybe wait is  being still and quiet and alone in His presence.  Maybe wait is just being with Him.

My soul, wait in silence for God only.
For my hope is from Him.

Psalm 62:5

It may be that I have worked at wait when I am meant to simply wait.

Just wondering…



10 thoughts on “Wait for God only…

  1. Hey Patricia, In November 2010 I received the word “Set your face like flint for what lies ahead.” Rather a frightening word followed by an even more frightening set of circumstances. One of the books God gave me as comfort during that time was THE BELIEVER’S SECRET OF WAITING ON GOD by Andrew Murray. If you have not yet read it I offer it as a great blessing to all those who can do nothing else but “Wait on God”.

  2. “Settle down,” “be still.” Those thoughts indicate resting. And yes, we are to rest in Jesus, He IS our rest.
    But as you said, waiting is active. It is deciding to refuse to act from any leading but that of the Holy Spirit. So we are to actively, intentionally WAIT, and at the same time, REST, knowing that what we are waiting for will be, in His time.

    • Brenda, It seems the world is always in a hurry. Yet, God says wait.to us. Maybe we have been listening to the world and he is slowing us down for our own good.

  3. Sometimes I am astonished how an answer comes by praying a day or two. But I don’t think waiting in a Christian sense means we sit around hoping for a sign to appear. It may mean we must be patient because events will evolve according to His plan , not ours. On the other hand if we walk with Jesus and are available for the Holy Spirit to fill us, we don’t have to wait for anything. We should have more confidence being directed by faith with pure motives. Christianity calls us to action. Faith brings assurance. It may not always turn out correctly or as we would wish. But what ever is supposed to happen will happen. “Go ye out unto all the world…” ain’t about no prayin. It’s about action allowing his will to be manifested through our action.

    • Carl, the word wait in the 3 blogs I have used it in is definitely not a passive verb. We are often told to wait but that does not mean we do nothing. Sometimes the activity in waiting is simply being in the presence of the Lord and absorbing all we can of Him so we can go out unto the world equipped to do what we have been sent to do.

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate hearing what the Spirit has given you to share.

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