Here’s courage, take it…

When Paul was in Jerusalem a lot happened to him.  He was dragged from the Temple, beaten by Jews, arrested by Romans, threatened with flogging, brought before the Chief Priests and all the Council.  The Sadducees and Pharisees became so violent, the Roman Tribune feared for Paul’s life and had him taken to the Roman barracks.  While all this was happening Paul continued to testify; he continued to tell the truth about himself and about God.

Paul’s life was in jeopardy because of what he was saying.  I imagine, Paul, being human, felt some discomfort, if not fear.  It seems if he had just stopped talking he would not have been in danger of being hurt or even killed.  But Paul did not stop talking.  Through it all he refused to take the easy way, the comfortable way, and tell the people what they wanted to hear.  He kept on telling them what they needed to hear.

The following night while Paul was in the Roman barracks the Lord came and stood by him.  And after all he had been through what did the Lord have to say to him?  Did He say “well-done, now take some time off, get some rest, visit friends and family, enjoy.”  No.  The Lord gave him the next assignment.

The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, “Take courage!  As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.”

Acts 23:11 niv

As Jesus tells Paul what he must do He also gives him something.  Paul was not being sent off to Rome without resources.  He already had his testimony; and now Jesus says, “Take courage.”  He was giving to Paul what he would need for the journey to Rome and what he would need while there.

The bible is history.  It tells stories of the Saints who came before us.  But it is also about current events; what is happening to the Saints now.  The history tells us what God had people like Paul do and how He equipped them.  It is the same today.  When we read these words they are meant for us, too.  He does not leave us without resources; as He said to Paul, “Take courage,” so He says to us, “Take courage.”

Just as Paul had a testimony so do we. Now is not the time for us to rest and relax. We have an assignment, a story to tell.  We may not be sent to far away places to tell the story but we are sent.  And we are equipped by the Lord.  Just as He offered courage to Paul so he offers it to us.  It is offered not forced upon us.  We decide whether to accept or refuse.

Be strong, and let your heart take courage,
all you who wait for the Lord.

Psalm 31:24 esv

I wonder why it is hard to accept what is so freely offered to help with the assignment given?

I wonder if I do not accept what is offered thinking that  I will not  have to take the assignment?

Just wondering…





















2 thoughts on “Here’s courage, take it…

  1. Before we can accept the help to accomplish the assignment, we have to accept the assignment itself…we can choose to serve God, each day, or we can choose NOT to serve Him. Am I really His servant, or not? If I say I am, but refuse His help, and try to do the work my own way, then I have lied: I am not a servant, but seeking to tell God what I think will be best. I have put my self, my opinions, over God’s desires.

    • Dimple,

      You have such thought provoking comments! Thank you.

      It is true we have the choice to serve or not. If we put ourselves before Him then He will wait until our knees bend and heads bow to Him.

      The Lord does not force our faith, He encourages and provides all that is needed for us to be faithful and serve Him.

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