Building Structures

Everyone knows all structures, buildings or organizations, beliefs or organisms, must have a good foundation out of which to grow.  A foundation that is not honest and true, one without integrity, will be easily shaken and lose its footing.  Sooner or later it will crumble and fall apart.

Just as important as the foundation is the core or center of the structure.  The character of any framework determines how the form develops.  The interior architecture is where the essence or personality is located.

Once the foundation and core are in place the outside, the part that is seen, takes shape.  Then we can see what the architect and builders had planned for the structure.  We can see not only the shape and form but the purpose of it.

Our physical bodies have a foundation of DNA, organs at the core, skeletal framework, and flesh that covers it all.  Our spiritual being has the same four basic components.

As builders we get to choose what our foundation is made of, it is wise to choose carefully.  If we choose something other than our Creator, God, to be our foundation it will crumble and not support us.  Without God as the foundation we will give way to the storms of life and be blown off course.

The heart is our center or the essence of who we are.  In the heart our personality and character develop and build the framework that gives form to our life.  Again it is our choice how we develop our heart and framework.  We choose the materials and tools we use to establish our house.

When the foundation, core, and framework have been put in place how we live is determined.  And how we live is what the world sees.

A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh,
but envy makes the bones rot.

Proverbs 14:30 niv

With wise and careful choices we will be peaceful and strong, relaxed and animated, temperate and powerful.  There will be no bitterness or resentment, suspicion or covetousness, to cause decay, corruption or deterioration of our life.

When we follow the blueprints and have the best of components then what the world sees is the Architect of our life, His plans and purposes.

I am in wonder of the intricacies of life and yet how simple it is when we get out of the way and let the Master do His work.

I wonder if I will ever truly understand how much love is poured into this structure?

Just wondering…



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