Now and Then

There is more I do not understand than I do understand about most things.  This does not bother me.  I really do not need to understand how and why televisions, telephones, computers, and machinery work, as long as someone does understand and can fix them when they do not work.  I would like to, but do not, understand my chronic illness and anxiety.   But with medications, coping strategies, rest, and patience they are just bothersome distractions that sometimes get in the way, but are not life threatening.   So, for the most part,  I am fine with partial understanding.

Then there is life and the world in which we live.  I really do not understand much at all about what is going on here.  Politics, poverty, war, famine, natural disasters, disease, death; these things make no sense to me.  Some things are explained by scientists and experts of different fields and areas of learning.  But not really to full satisfaction and clarity.  There is always that little doubt or question that lingers.  There are often hazy reasonings or dubious motives of the experts.  

Usually, but not always, these learned men and women make no mention of God in their ruminations.  Most will say that if you cannot prove, scientifically or purely intellectually, the existence of God then He is not a reality and of no consequence.  Proving or understanding the existence of God has never been a problem for me.  I believe He is real and does exist because of what I see in creation and from what I have learned in bible study and from personal experiences.  That is enough for me.   He has even told me that I will not fully understand Him and His way.  Not yet anyway.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face.
 Now I know in part, and then I shall know fully,
even as I have been fully known.
 1 Cor 13:12 esv

When this was written mirrors were different than they are today.  They were metal polished to a sheen.  They would reflect the image before them blurred and dimly.  Not clearly and without distortion like the mirrors of today.  Paul was telling the readers, then and now,  that God cannot be seen clearly because the reflected image (people) is imperfect.  What we see and know now is incomplete, imperfect.  We see bits, blurred, fuzzy, and indistinct, not clear and accurate or precise.

Yes, we are made in God’s image.  But here, in these bodies, the image is imperfect, distorted by sin.  When we see Him, face to face, when we are in His Holy Presence we will see perfectly.  Just as He perfectly and completely knows us now, then we will know Him.  We will see and know Him without looking through fog and shadows but fully, without distortion or distraction, in the light of the Son…perfectly.


6 thoughts on “Now and Then

  1. Yes, we are all created and an image of God. You said it so wonderfully. We understand in part and lets hope that we are wholly open to God’s invitation which you are. Love how you are using the blog to evangelize. Keep it up. Pax tecum.

  2. Hi Patricia,
    I just have to comment on “Most will say that if you cannot prove, scientifically or purely intellectually, the existence of God then He is not a reality and of no consequence.”

    I once was in that space. I thought one can’t prove that God exists, therefore He doesn’t. That is an error of reasoning, because lack of proof FOR something does not necessarily prove its non-existence. It only proves that there isn’t enough information. In the case for God’s existence, not only can one not prove His existence empirically, one also cannot DIS-prove it empirically.

    God will prove to anyone who seeks to know that He does exist. But if a person has already decided that He is not there, no proof will be enough.

    • Dimple,
      So good to see you here. I was in “that space” once upon a time, too. I think God gives proof of His existence to individuals in whatever way they can grasp. Everybody is different and God speaks to each in the language they understand.

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