1 Peter 4:12 niv


Trials rarely come with advance notice,  
so they are usually a surprise.  
But really, we should expect them. 

 Though this passage is referring  to suffering for Christ’s sake,
   we can understand it to mean any trial that comes to us.
Troubles are a part of life that will happen and are not unusual.
We are not alone in them, we have a Helper at our side.

Is there a painful trial in your life?
Do you know you have a Helper?
Have you asked for His help?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

5 thoughts on “1 Peter 4:12 niv

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    • For some reason we often think we are alone in our struggles when we are not. I guess we want to be independent and take care of ourselves. Which is exactly what God does not want for us.

  2. Jesus said we must carry our own cross. I am pretty sure help is always available to help me carry this cross. Thanks for reminding us that life is not a bed of roses. God night.

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