Psalm 9:9 niv


When you are hurting, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual;
it can feel like you are under attack.
If the attack is long and brutal you may begin to feel weak and helpless, even hopeless.
This is when you need a safe place, a refuge from the storms of life. 

Somewhere with high strong walls that cannot be invaded by the enemy.
A fortress where you can hide;
a place to rest and be restored.

There is such a place and it is not far away.
It is as close as your heart.
You need only to whisper, Lord.
And the stronghold will surround you.

Are you feeling oppressed, under attack?
Do you know there is a fortress to protect you?

Blessings this day of grace,patricia

4 thoughts on “Psalm 9:9 niv

  1. Thank you Patricia for allowing Grace to speak through you. I’ve learned and see that giving and receiving are one. I believe we all have gifts and I definitely see one of yours. Pam

  2. Spiritual dryness in all senses is worse, in my opinion. And you are right, all I need is to whisper, Jesus name. Thanks Patricia for my daily dosage of blessings. Peace.

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