James 1:12 esv


When the storm is raging it can be a struggle to stand strong.   
When we  persevere we will see a glimpse of sunlight on the horizon.
Sometimes just enough light to help us see the truth of the trial.
And really that is all we need, just a glimpse, of the Son;
waiting with the promised crown.

In your trials will you look beyond where you are standing,  past the storm,
to where the Son waits?

Blessings this day of grace,


4 thoughts on “James 1:12 esv

  1. My pattern is to give up. I’m finally seeing when I do my raging storm seems to never cease. I’m learning I must surround myself with prayer, this is my strength. As Grace speaks through you Patricia, look beyond… Thank you.

    • Giving up is a human frailty common to all. The answer is to recognize it and do as you are doing and pray. You are right, we find out strength in prayer. You will be blessed.

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