Romans 8:35 nlt


Many think that there is only happiness in a believer’s life.
That is far from true.

What is true in a believer’s life is that the love of Christ is a constant.
No matter the circumstances or conditions of your life
you are wrapped in His love.

When your life is in turmoil do you think God has turned His back on you?
Do you think this because people have turned away from you?
Will you take some time and simply sit with the Lord
and let Him love you as only He can?

Blessings this day of grace,


6 thoughts on “Romans 8:35 nlt

    • It is a truth that the enemy does his best to make us forget. This is one of the reasons that reading His Word, and making it part of our life, is vital to our spiritual health.

    • This is hard to believe. Your comments are always filled with love and trust and confidence in the Lord. Sit quietly with Him today…and I will pray with you.

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