Hebrews 12:15 niv


If not careful bitterness can find its way into anyone’s heart.
When bitterness takes root trouble always follows.
Be careful of your heart.

Has there been a time when bitterness caused trouble for you?
What do you do to prevent bitterness in your heart?

Blessings this day of grace,


2 thoughts on “Hebrews 12:15 niv

  1. As I age in years, bitterness is less bitter. At the moment, I cannot comprehend how kind God is to me because when I pray with bitterness I ask Him to take it away or help me. I pray the same thing for mankind that they may rise above from it. God night.

    • Your prayer to have bitterness removed from your heart is made even more beautiful because your prayer is for all people. The Lord has blessed you with compassion.

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