Romans 1:20 nlt


Some people say they don’t believe in God because they cannot see Him.
If they would open their eyes, and hearts, to the natural world around them
they would understand that no random power could have designed what they see.

The natural world is too intricate and interdependent to not have an intelligent force to put each piece in place…so intelligent and powerful as to be divine.
We may not see the person of God but we can see who and what He is
when we look at His creation.

Have you ever thought about all that was done to prepare the earth for you?

Blessings this day of grace,


6 thoughts on “Romans 1:20 nlt

  1. this makes me think about what someone told me awhile back…..that even though some of us dont ‘believe in god’…that its not a bad thing but instead of it being a god it can be numerous things like ‘a higher power’…..
    as long as you believe in something more than just nothing….
    what are your views on that?

    • It is important to think of “something” more than nothing but we are to be cautious of the “something” we think about. God is a jealous God and wants His children safe with Him.

      If you want to talk about this more just email me…my contact info is at the top of the page under Private Conversation.

  2. His creation surpasses beyond understanding. I can only stand in awe how Great is Our God. It may have been so easy for Him to create the heaven and the earth and all in seven days due to his Love for us. Thank you for tonight’s meditation, Patricia.

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