Proverbs 2:6,11 nlt


If you sit quietly and listen for the Lord He will speak to you.
What you hear from Him will help you make right choices
because He will give you insight.

His wisdom and understanding will protect you.

Do you have decisions that need to be made but you hesitate
because you are not confident you will make the right choice?
What keeps you from trusting the Lord to help you and keep you safe?

Blessings this day of grace,


7 thoughts on “Proverbs 2:6,11 nlt

  1. When in doubt do nothing, when I am very doubtful and I have to make a choice I ask God for assurance to give me a sign that my decision is right. And to choose you to be my constant evening companion is the best choice God gave me. Thank you for praying with us, Patricia.

    • Thank you, Seeker. Your comments are very thoughtful and often thought provoking.

      You are wise to do nothing when you doubt. Often doubt is God telling us to wait.

  2. Fear keeps me from trusting. I didn’t learn trust when I was a child. I believe when we trust a parent or another elder or an older sibling while we are children than we learn to trust others, ourselves and God.

    • .We must always remember that God is not modeled after people…He is the Creator. We often give Him human attributes and that makes Him seem fallible…, less than Almighty. When we see and acknowledge God for who He is we trust Him.
      Thank you for your openness it is a blessing to me.

      • You’re welcome, Patricia. Yes, I do believe God is not modeled after human beings. He created each of us. I believe for a child to be able to trust in a being that he or she can not see they have to learn how to trust. Since I didn’t learn to trust and felt rejected, I eventually rejected myself. I also accepted many beliefs about God that are not true. Blessings, Pam

        • I think children come into this world as trusting beings and learn not to trust through experiences. And, yes, it is very hard to trust once your trust has been broken or mistreated. Unlearning what we have come to know is difficult and takes a lot of energy.and patience. God is faithful and will give the grace you need to overcome your fears. Blessings.

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