Proverbs 14:30 niv


Joy is not found in jealousy.  
There is no comfort or peace in life when jealousy and envy are present.
Peace is in rejoicing in all…and with all.

Is there something that someone else has or does that makes you envious?
Are you missing your own blessings because you are wanting theirs?

Blessings this day of grace,


4 thoughts on “Proverbs 14:30 niv

    • Sometimes jealousy sneaks in unannounced and visits awhile before I even notice it is there. Proves that pride is a big part of me. Working on pulling these weeds out of my heart…they have long roots!

  1. This is so true that jealousy is a silent killer and a wasted emotion. But I am just human. I’ll go and offer this to the Lord and ask that it may be replaced with Joy. Thanks for making us look inwardly. God night.

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