Proverbs 16:2 nlt


All you think and do may seem innocent to you for it is easy to be deceived by self. 
Rely not on your own opinion but look to the Lord for the way that is right.
He will discipline you or bless you depending on your motives.
The Lord searches your heart not to cause you pain but to protect you.

What is more important to you;
what you think or what the Lord knows?

Blessings this day of grace,


8 thoughts on “Proverbs 16:2 nlt

  1. Very thought provoking. Us humans find it so difficult to do things that are truly selfless, even if the benefit we receive is purely about feeling good about ourselves. I shall need to be asking myself this question on a daily basis and hope that I shall always put my trust in God

    • It is easy to put aside the knowledge that the Lord knows everything about me…the good and the bad. Life would be better if I faced up to the ugly parts and gave them to Him in the first place. Like you say “us humans find it difficult…”.

  2. This is a tough question, Patricia. Only God knows. It will be arrogant of me to say God is but there are so much what is important in daily living. And I can only rely on God’s grace. Blessings to you for encouraging us to ponder what is important.

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