Proverbs 26:20 niv


Keep feeding a fire and it will not die.
Talk fed with gossip will become harmful.
Fire and talk within boundaries and well-tended are good;
when wild and unrestrained they are destructive.

Gossip has two parts, talking and listening.
There wouldn’t be one without the other.  

Have you been hurt, or have you hurt someone else, with gossip?
Can you walk away from gossip?
Do you?

Blessings this day of grace,


7 thoughts on “Proverbs 26:20 niv

    • Gossip is so prevalent it is hard to get away from it. I often find myself taking part and have to rein it in and talk to you know Who about it. We are blessed with a merciful and forgiving God who disciplines firmly but with love.

  1. Gossip often comes up in otherwise innocent conversation, and in prayer “requests”. That is the hardest to stop or turn away from. But it is harmful, regardless of its context,, because it engenders judgment in the listener against the one gossiped about. It changes relationships for the worse, destroying something in everyone who is party to it. It is a tool of the enemy, who loves to kill, steal, and destroy.

    As a comment to Seeker: if that which is spoken about another is positive, it is not gossip. Here is a link to what has to say:

    A few antonyms of “gossip” are “fact” “praise” and “encouragement”

  2. Most gossip is hurtful, however, in one of the lectures I attended; if I were to “gossip” make sure it’s positive. And if I want a result, make sure I speak to someone who loves to gossip. I learnt this in a bible study in the Book of Wisdom.

    Yes, I have been burnt especially in the work place. And this is where I can practice forgiveness and bit my tongue.

    What are thoughts on this?

    • Seeker, I see no good in gossip. Here is some research I did:

      1. The American Heritage Dictionary,, gossip, trifling often groundless rumor of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature..idle talk

      2. Eerdmans The New Bible Commentary…gossip, busybody, practical joker, stoker up of fiery quarrels,the purveyor of exquisite whispers, hypocrite, liar and flatterer

      3. Strong’s Concordance…original word..nirgan “neer-gawn”..from an unused root mean, to roll to pieces, a slanderer, talebearer, whisperer.

      From what I can tell this scripture says gossip cannot be good. But I am not a theologian or bible scholar You can email me if you want to…I am open to discussion about this.

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