Proverbs 29:11 niv


Temper tantrums are not acceptable in children and deplorable in adults.
Yet, we see many adults letting their temper rage wildly.
There is no wisdom in losing your temper, it is a fool’s device.


Do you know the difference in being angry and losing your temper?
What is gained when you let your anger explode?

Blessings this day of grace,


5 thoughts on “Proverbs 29:11 niv

    • Thank you for visiting, Paulette. Some of the questions I don’t like to ask.. they bring up things about myself I would rather not deal with. But then that is the work of the Spirit, isn’t it.

  1. Nothing is to be gained at all. Being angry and losing a temper are both destructive for me and others. But Jesus Christ was angry and had a temper once. However, by God’s grace, there is always patience. God Night.

    • I think losing your temper is destructive but not necessarily so for anger. There is righteous anger. When we are angry over injustices and abuses,etc. and use the anger in a constructive way it is a valuable tool.

      Jesus was angry with the people who were in the temple selling and doing business, not using the temple as it was meant to be…a place of worship. In fact twice His anger flared and He cleared the temple of these folks. I am not sure He lost His temper though. This was an act of righteous anger by the One with ultimate authority.

      And yes, by God’s grace there is patience. Something I am learning day by day.

      • Temper vs anger. Come to think about it, I seldom get angry, but when I become angry I have a temper. A temper that comes out is to right the wrong. I may be annoyed but not angry.

        Thank you.

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