Proverbs 31:30 niv


The only lasting beauty is from within.
When a heart is beautiful the person’s essence is beautiful.
Though outer beauty may fade  inner beauty will flourish.

Do you spend as much time on what is lasting beauty
as you do on the beauty that fades?

Looking at the people around you who is most beautiful in your eyes?
What makes them beautiful?

Blessings this day of grace,


4 thoughts on “Proverbs 31:30 niv

  1. I believe if inner beauty exudes than there is outer beauty and the outer beauty will never fade, no matter the physical age. Deep within each one of us is inner beauty because we are all creations of God. We must remember who we truly are, who created each of us, love and accept ourselves and let go of our beliefs and lies, which hide our inner beauty.

    • I agree, but many in this world do not and it’s sad. You are wise in your understanding of what makes one beautiful and what must be done to have inner radiance.

  2. Physical appearance is very low in my list. People who are fully human that radiates love, joy, kindness, honesty, caring… all the godly attributes are very attractive. They tend to glow. Aren’t these attributes more important than physical appearance?

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