Deuteronomy 5:33 msg


Sometimes we see side roads that look interesting or exciting
and want to leave the straight path God has set before us.

The path God has set you on is the one where you will have
all the good He has ready for you.

Stay on the straight road He has chosen for you.
He has planned a good life for you, not necessarily an easy one, but a good one.

Is the path you are on the one God has chosen for you?
Are you tempted to follow another?  
What can you do to ensure you will stay on His path?

Blessings this day of grace,




4 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 5:33 msg

  1. The question for me is do I recognize God’s Path? If I do, do I choose it? Sometimes, I see a fork on the road and this is the dilemma. To walk in God’s path, I have to choose a narrow row that I will console me for that’s where God is. To be consoled by God during dark night of the souls. What is your road, Patricia.

    God night.

    • I would like to say my walk has been one of always on the straight and narrow but that has not always been so. I have learned over time that my way is not the way of the Lord. It is a constant struggle for I am stubborn. But God is patient and merciful and gives me grace daily.

  2. To stay on God’s path is to learn and know His truths and use them in my life. When there is a burning desire that comes from Love, I believe that is God tugging on me to take action as well as listening to the Holy Spirit within me.
    I’m off the path when I’m living from fear instead of love, when I stop learning and growing to be a better spiritual being. I’m off the path when I give with conditions, choose not to forgive, loose faith and forget to express compassion.

    • It is easy to be tempted and wander from the path but God is faithful and will help us back to His path for us. You are right that we are to continue to learn and grow and become mature in our faith.

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