Isaiah 58:11 niv


There are times when we walk through spiritual deserts.
The Lord knows this.
He will show you the way to the oasis in the desert.
There you will find pure water to quench your thirst
and to nourish your spirit.


Are you experiencing a spiritual desert now?
Will you let the Lord lead you to His life-giving springs?

Blessings this day of grace,


2 thoughts on “Isaiah 58:11 niv

  1. It does feel arid this week. I keep on seeking the Lord in the face of others but I there seem to be so much conflict which I don’t think is God’s work. Must ask for a Spiritual Warrior for my aide. God Bless.

    • Sometimes we must dig deep to find the life springs that water the garden of our spirit. . Look to the Spirit within for this water rather than in the faces without.

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