Jeremiah 17:8 niv


When we trust the Lord and have confidence in Him,
trust and confidence that is deep in our heart,
we have no reason to fear for the future.
He provides all we need for today and tomorrow.

Do you worry that you will not have “enough” in the future?
Will you give these concerns to Him trusting that He will provide all you will need?

Blessings this day of grace,


photo:  Liz West

3 thoughts on “Jeremiah 17:8 niv

  1. I think of the future especially when I turn elderly as a single person but I do not worry about it knowing God will direct me the Way.

    I really appreciate these short clips of meditation, Patricia. It reminds me of the questions while I am on a retreat. I consider this nightly prayer as my daily retreat. God Bless.


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