James 1:2-3 niv


James is telling us that we will have trials in this life.
He also tells us to consider it pure joy when we have troubles.
The trials we face have a purpose;  to bring us to maturity of faith.

It may be hard to understand that the trials testing our faith are gifts.
We may not want the gift when we receive it but in time we will appreciate it.
As trials bring us to our knees in prayer our hearts will be lifted up.
It is joy that will keep us on the path to maturity and perfection.

Do you consider your trials as a proving ground of your faith?
In the midst of trials do you spend more or less time in prayer?
Do you praise God during difficult times?

Blessings this day of grace,


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7 thoughts on “James 1:2-3 niv

  1. I was spared from trials during a long time in my early youth.

    Then pain and solitude knocked down my vitals. I just could not follow the daily routine, so I became an expat. Life changed, the world turned into a community, and then, I was able to find a reason to live.

    Not that it is all a rose garden, but in this dry soil, without any clue, without any ‘mystique’, I found I am not alone, even if I feel the loneliness in me.

    Your post made me look into my inner being again, I am walking the desert, I was always walking the desert, but I do not know why, I know somewhere there is an oasis in my path.

    If this is only a delusion, at least it helps me to keep going.

    • The desert is not the destination but just part of the journey. Keep walking and you will find the oasis of living waters. The Lord is not an illusion but a reality. Seek Him and He will be found…He is not far off.

      I am lifting you up in prayer…expect an answer to your questionings.

      • Thank you, Patricia.

        I do need prayers! In my total blindness, it is still an unsettled subject.

        I’d like to do the same for you, and I will try, but I am still in that phase where prayers are a desired good, not easily reachable!

        Thank you again!

  2. Trials and tribulations are a few things in life that shapes our character. I may be preoccupied but I am hopeful that the Holy Sprit will continue to guide me. Praise God Always. Good to hear from you Patricia.

    Blessings to you, always.

    • The trials of our lives and how we respond do shape our character. How we respond is always our choice. When I get too busy the Spirit nudges me back to where I belong. Does He do this with you, Seeker?

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