James 1:19-20 esv


Everyone wants to be heard.
Yet, here we are told that we are to hear before we are heard.

Misunderstandings and anger happen when we do not listen.
Our egos want to be the center of attention.
It takes patience to listen.

Are you “quick to hear” or do you only want to be heard ?

Blessings this day of grace,

patriciaPhoto: morgueFile

5 thoughts on “James 1:19-20 esv

  1. Thanks to the heavy hand of Fate, I learned not to be the “soul of the party”.

    I am satisfied with writing some tales. It is not important for me to be heard, at least not now.

    But I do understand the power of the ego in us! We can be really obnoxious following its advice.

    Thank you, for remind us to heed the Word.

    • In some things it is important to be heard but not to the point that we cannot hear what others have to say. There is meant to be balance and love in all things.

  2. As much as I want to be hear especially when I am angry, you are right it is the ego that takes over. This message speaks volume to me in my current situation. God night.

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