James 5:12 nas


Swearing an oath in a court of law or for other legal and official reasons
may be necessary.
But in other instances swearing should not be needed.  

If we swear for other than legal or official reasons perhaps
 it is because we are not confident or convinced that others believe us.
If our yes and no are not enough it may be because we are not always truthful
or that we tend to change our minds after we speak.  

When we are honest and trustworthy there is no need to swear by anything.
Yes or no is enough.

Do you feel you need to add to your yes or no to make a stronger statement?

Blessings this day of grace,


Photo: PublicDomainPictures.net

5 thoughts on “James 5:12 nas

  1. I love this meditation. This was taught to us in our bible seminar. And yet out of excitement, I completely forgot when I became a jury. I swore on the bible!

    Were you in a situation that you have to swear on an oath?

    • No worries, Seeker. That type of swearing in legal venues and for official business is ok. In some places you can ask to be allowed to swear without the bible and it is permitted.

      Yes, I was in court once where I had to testify and was sworn in.

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