James 5:14 niv


 Other than in the Catholic Church we don’t often hear of the anointing of the sick.
Yet, it is something that can be done today.
Yes, we have come far in medicine since the day James wrote this,
but it is a practice that perhaps should be brought back.
It would help us to remember that doctors, the medical community, and pharmaceuticals
are the instruments the Great Physician uses to heal us.

Would you consider an anointing of oil if you were sick?
Do you think it is an obsolete practice and of no use today?

Blessings this day of grace,


Photo: stock.xchng

2 thoughts on “James 5:14 niv

  1. I was just anointed by a Holy Oil for the chronic back injury I suffer last week. It’s alive and well here in Vancouver. Yes, I definitely agree that we should bring this back to tradition.

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