James 5:17-18 esv


Elijah was a man, a person like us, not a superman. 
Elijah prayed sincerely with passion and determination
without doubt that his words were heard.

Elijah was like you…are you like Elijah?
What are your prayers like?

Blessings this day of grace,


Photo: Aduldej/freedigitalphotos

2 thoughts on “James 5:17-18 esv

  1. Elijah is a good example for me to pray just he did. In God;s time, some of my prayers are answered after many years of praying just like him. I still like the best prayer of all times: The Our Father.

    How do you pray?

    • For the most part I pray like I talk…nothing fancy. Often I pray the ACTS model; adoration, confession,thanksgiving, and supplication. The Lord’s prayer covers it all.

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