Psalm 27:4 niv


David wanted only one thing from the Lord, to live with Him.
Not just as a guest in His house but as a permanent member of the household.
David sought the Lord and desired to see Him;
not just to be in the presence of the Lord but to see Him and to be with Him in His temple.

If you were told you could ask for only one thing from the Lord what would it be?
Will you thank Him today that He doesn’t limit your requests to just one thing?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Psalm 27:4 niv

  1. All I want is to hear God call my name. Everyday is thanksgiving for me, Patricia. And I thank God for your day of grace. Thank you, Patricia. I appreciate your post.

    • You and David have the same desire. It is wonderful to read your responses they are always filled with faith and thanksgiving. I am thankful for your prayers and for the encouragement and support of Day of Grace.

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