Psalm 27:5 esv


Whatever we experience in the way of trouble
God will keep us in His care.
No matter what trouble comes our way,
though our physical being may be threatened,
our spirit is always safe.
God will see to it that we are hidden in His shelter
high above the predators.

When you feel threatened or are in harm’s way where do you go to be safe?
How has God shown His care for you in times of trouble?

Blessings this day of grace,

patricia (2)


8 thoughts on “Psalm 27:5 esv

  1. It is hard to believe that it has been almost three years since my wife left me to marry another. God sheltered me through that grief and healed me. My heart was shielded through prayer and he taught me the way of forgiveness like never before. He showed me mercy in light of my failures as a husband and he showed me how to have mercy.

    • JE, Praise God for His care of you! I am sorry you had such trial and sadness but I believe that He uses all happenings in our lives for good and as steps to our perfection.

  2. In so many ways, God has protected me with or without asking for it. That is how truly generous God is to me. In most dire need, God sends Mother Mary to cover me with the mantle of her protection.

    What kind of protection did God bestow upon you, Patricia?

    Thank you for the meditation. God Night.

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