Psalm 27:12 esv


Deceitful witnesses were speaking against David and their words
were spreading malicious lies.
Lies that were well thought out to cause unrest and rebellion.
David asked God to protect him
and not let the desires of his enemies be accomplished.

Have there been lies spread about you?
How did you respond?
Did you ask God to keep you in His care and deny the desires of your enemies?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Psalm 27:12 esv

  1. A term I use for this is witch hunt especially at the workplace. If I don’t have a strong faith and moral belief system, it will be very upsetting. I leave all of this to God for vengeance is not mine. I know it’s an awful thing to say, the devil will get them. Oh, oh… this hits home. Good night.

    • Many can relate to what David was experiencing and it is like a witch hunt. As you say vengeance is the Lord’s. We are to stand strong in our beliefs and let Him shelter us. Sometimes the workplace is difficult because we must work with people who may not not share our beliefs and don’t understand why we believe/behave as we do. And often we cannot talk about our faith at work…it can be frustrating at times..

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