Psalm 27:13 nlt


With all the trials David was experiencing he did not doubt
that he would see the Lord’s goodness.
He was sure he would know the Lord’s goodness
 right here on earth.

Do you think God’s goodness is experienced only in Heaven?
Are not blessings the goodness of the Lord?
What blessings, the goodness of the Lord, do you have in your life today?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Psalm 27:13 nlt

  1. The whole earth is pave with goodness of the Lord. We have a custom when we see the elders we ask for their blessings. Going to church receiving the blessings of the Priest is goodness. Blessing everyone, even they don’t ask for it, it goodness And I bless you, Patricia, for bringing goodness into the blogging world.

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