Psalm 27, My Reflections


The last fourteen days of devotions have been based on Psalm 27.  One of my favorite songs of David.  It has my life verse (v.4) and a favorite promise (v.13) with teaching on how to make the promise a reality of life (v.14).  I have read this passage many times, prayed it, and used it in meditation.  Every time I have learned something, been strengthened and encouraged, and brought closer to the Lord.  

Here are my reflections on Psalm 27:

  • There is no reason to run away in fear…

Because the Lord is my light, salvation, and stronghold my enemies must battle through Him to get to me.  He is infinitely stronger than any adversary and is always the victor.  I may lose a fight but the war has been  won.

  • My yearning is to always feel, always know, the presence of the Lord…

It is not enough to want to know Him.  It takes time and discipline to know Him.  To know what He wants and expects from me, how He communicates with me, who He has put on the path to teach and guide me.  The lessons are many and varied, some easy and some incredibly difficult but in all circumstances He is above me covering me with His tent and is the rock under my feet.  Always with the plan and purpose to make me like His Son.

  • First ask for God’s help…

God says to seek His face, look to Him in times of need, for He is all the help I need.  Does that mean people aren’t needed?  Of course not.  It does mean that when I seek Him first He will send the people I need to help me.  When facing enemies He will teach me how to respond to them and will keep the path clear.

  • There is a promise for me to claim…

The goodness of the Lord is in my life now, here on earth.   I often take for granted the good in my life.  It easy to think my good life just happened but the truth is it is all from the grace of God.  Whatever “not so good” I experience is usually due to my impatience.  I am told to wait for the Lord. While I wait He gives me strength and a heart of courage…but the waiting is up to me.

  • One more thing I learned…

This is the first time I saw the progression of the psalm.  First there is praise, then supplication, then believing and understanding.  

What insights and encouragement did you find in Psalm 27?
Do you, like David, believe you “will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”?

Blessings this day of grace,


2 thoughts on “Psalm 27, My Reflections

  1. The last line, just like David, “one thing I ask of the Lord…” is my favourite as well. I did enjoy these meditations and to see your reflection is rewarding in understanding and sharing our common belief. Verse 14: is what I do best. To wait for the Lord.

    Blessings to you and a heartfelt thank you for providing us the nightly meditation.

    • Thank you, Seeker. I am eagerly anticipating the day I can say waiting is the thing I do best! Not quite there yet. It is a joy to write these little devotions and it makes me happy that are here with me. Blessings, my friend.

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