Matthew 5:3 niv


Those who know their need of God’s help are poor in spirit and rich in blessings.
To be rich in blessings doesn’t mean being happy,
a temporary feeling dependent on circumstances,

it means to know joy and hope in our relationship with the Lord.

When the poor in spirit know their need of God the kingdom of heaven is theirs.
The verse says it is theirs, they don’t have to wait to be part of the kingdom.
They are in the kingdom now.

They are blessed.

Do you know that you need God?
Do you know the difference between being blessed and being happy?

Blessings this day of grace,


Photo: Liz West

2 thoughts on “Matthew 5:3 niv

  1. Sermon at the Mount ~ Beatitudes. I read this everyday at work, pondering about what this truly means to me. And I am stump. First of all, I am not poor enough in spirit. I definitely need God more than God needs me. I definitely know I am blessed so is the whole humanity. I am at the mercy of God on this one, Patricia. Thanks.

    • The older I get and the longer I am on this pilgrim path the more I realize how much I need God. Still, I often forget that and think I can, or should be able to, handle life without “bothering” Him. Foolish childish thinking. I thank the Lord for His patience with this woman.

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