Matthew 5:5 akj


 Those who are meek are strong and will bear,
with patience,  whatever trials come their way. 

With humble hearts they accept God’s plans without complaint or argument.
This meekness towards God then extends itself to others with compassion and love.

The meek will receive, from the Father, the earth.
Their inheritance will not be a temporary place like this earth that we know now;
they will inherit the new earth for all eternity.

Do you try not to seem meek thinking that you will seem weak and without courage?
Will you look at meekness through God’s eyes and see how strong are the meek?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Matthew 5:5 akj

  1. There is so much when and when not to speak. I will speak if I need to and I will refrain if speaking is futile. Jesus is a prime example that he lowered himself down to be with us and meek to do the will of His Father. And in the end, we became his follower. Good night.

    • Yes, Jesus is the perfect example of being meek. He humbled himself for the benefit of others and was strong to endure the trials he faced. As always there is much to learn from His example.

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