Matthew 5:7 niv


The merciful in this verse are those who actively extend mercy to those in need.
Some have need of mercy for their outer state of being and others for their inner state.
Whichever it is we are to give to them what we have been given by God.  
We will be given what we have shown to others.

How has mercy been shown to you?
How can you show mercy to another?

Blessings this day of grace,


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4 thoughts on “Matthew 5:7 niv

  1. I appreciated your reflection on mercy, and was reminded of one of my favorite verses for the past 3 decades: Micah6.8

    peace to you patricia, and pet if you have one still

    • Hello Gralan, . The Micah verse is one of my favorites, too.
      Yes, I have a cat. The 2 old ones, Dolly and Henry, are gone but I now have Teddy.
      So very good to hear from you again. How are you? Still in school? And how is Christine?

  2. Jesus said let the first one without sin cast the first stone. This is how I understand mercy. Since, as a human I sinned and imperfect. Should I see the mistake I try to save the person’s face and allow the person to realize one’s error. That’s the best I can do in being merciful. What is mercy to you, Patricia?

    • Acts of mercy, to me, are those things we do for someone with kindness, compassion, and patience even if annoyed or irritated. It is an act of benevolence and forgiveness without thought for self.

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