Matthew 5:9 kjv

dove We are meant to bring peace and unity where there is discord and hostility.    
Not just to nations but also to those near us.   
 Family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are some of the people
that need peacemakers to help bring reconciliation and harmony
back into their relationships.

  We reflect the image of Christ when we bring peace to others. 
When others see Christ in us we will be called children of God.

How do you respond to conflict?  
Are you a peacemaker?

Blessing this day of grace,


Photo: leocub/stock.xchng

2 thoughts on “Matthew 5:9 kjv

  1. As Jesus our Lord, I aspire to follow His teaching to bring peace to the world. He has given us the Beatitudes’ as a mandate to be Christ Like. Patricia, for the past days your post has given me so much food for thoughts. And I thank you for these. Blessings to you always. Seeker.

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