Matthew 6:12 niv


Our debts in this verse refers to our sins, our offenses against God.
Sins that we have no way to pay for ourselves.
This debt can only be cancelled by the one who is owed.

We are to forgive those who offend us in the same way.
If we refuse to forgive the sins of others against us
we are depreciating the value of the forgiveness God gives to us.

Have you thought about how great is your debt that God has forgiven?
Is there someone who has sinned against you that you have not forgiven?
Will you cancel the debt and forgive the offense today?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Matthew 6:12 niv

  1. This is the part that I find difficult. With the grace of God, eventually my heart melts and have learned to forgive the person but not the offense. How does one forgive whole heartedly, Patricia?

    • If you haven’t forgiven the offense, which is much harder to do, have you truly forgiven the one who offended?

      This is difficult for me, too. In some instances I find I must get on my knees over and over again and ask for the Lord’s help. I am a stubborn woman and it often takes awhile for my heart to soften.

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