Psalm 89:34 hcs


We all know people who say one thing and mean another, tell us what we want to hear,
or change their minds after they have made a promise to us.
It is hard to believe anything they say and harder to trust them.

God is not like that. 
He means what He says, tells us what we need to hear,
and does not break His promises.
Because He is faithful you can believe and trust what He says.

Is it difficult for you to trust or believe God is always faithful?
Is it difficult because someone has broken faith with you?
Will you forgive them and ask God to heal your heart
so you can learn to trust His faithfulness?

Blessings this day of grace,


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2 thoughts on “Psalm 89:34 hcs

    • When we do not forgive and hold onto a grudge we only hurt our selves Forgive and talk to God about the why of your forgiveness He will open your heart to selfless forgiving.

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