Joshua 24:14 esv


When we choose to serve God
there is no place in our lives for other gods.
We must throw them away.

Is there a god in your life that needs to be thrown away?
Why do you think you keep it around?
What steps can you take to get rid of it?

Blessings this day of grace,



2 thoughts on “Joshua 24:14 esv

  1. Yes, it is often the little things that become a god to us. It is so easy to let them in we must be vigilant and throw them out when we are made aware. Be well, my friend, blessings. .

  2. god in small letter which is the little things in life the quietly creeps in. If on is not careful, it will take over and I am constantly getting rid of it. Thank you for pointing this out. Blessings.

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