Colossians 3:15 niv

Orange flower

When the church is in turmoil because of the differences of people there is no peace;
no peace for the church as a whole or for those who are members.

It matters not the color, nationality, financial status, education, opinion,
or any other thing that makes us different from one another.
We are the body of Christ, the church, and called to peace.

Let us be thankful that we are all loved by Him unconditionally
and sometimes in spite of ourselves.

Is there a brother or sister you do not love unconditionally?
What hinders that love?
Will you pray for peace with them
and to be thankful that they are part of the church?

Blessings this day of grace,

patricia (2)

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3 thoughts on “Colossians 3:15 niv

  1. I am convinced the Bible shows and tells us that only those who are truly thankful actually find God loving others through us as He changes us into the image of His Son. Thankful does not mean “happy happy happy”, like the false mantra we know so well. Thankfulness, like His peace, is not conditional to our circumstances no matter how often I too find myself struggling as I learn. We are on an adventure of abundant life, just as Jesus promised us. Peace to all who walk according to the rule of new-creation (Gal6.15,16)

    • We are imperfect beings making mistakes. The saddest mistake is when we know better and do wrong anyway. I am working on the unconditional, too, taking one day at a time and asking for wisdom, and forgiveness, each step of the way.

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