Psalm 118:1 esv


Give thanks to the Lord because He is perfect  
and His love is unwavering and remains constant for all time.     
There is no one like the Lord;   
He is the only one who never changes.

Have you thought about God never changing?
What does that mean to you?

Blessings this day of grace,


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4 thoughts on “Psalm 118:1 esv

  1. The image of the trees reaching out from the earth reminds me always of us reaching out to God, and finding He reaches to us first. While He never changes, we change by His self-revelation of Himself to us. Thank you for your post, and it is encouraging also to continue reading seeker’s comments as well. The peace of Christ to all y’all, love in His Name.

  2. Come to think about it this is the first time I thought of because of this post. No, he is perfect. How can he ever change. I may change but God always draws me back to Him. Thank you for tonight’s mediation. Pax.

    • We often tend to forget God is perfect and our Creator, not like us…sinners with much to learn. With so much imperfection in the world it can be hard to grasp the thought of a perfect being..

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