Ecclesiastes 3:13 nlt


It is easy to understand that the things we enjoy  
like food and drink are gifts from God.   
Maybe not so easy to understand is that our work is a gift, too.   
Work is not just a drudgery of chores and assignments.  
Whatever you labor at has purpose and is part of God’s plan.
All we have is a gift from God.

Have you thought about your work as a gift from God, part of His purpose and plan?
How would seeing work as one of His gifts change your attitude about it?

Blessings this day of grace,


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2 thoughts on “Ecclesiastes 3:13 nlt

  1. Nothing that I have is mine. Everything that I have is a gift. The work that I get paid for by an employer is a gift from God and I truly believe on that. There is a reason why I am in my current employment is to do the work of God. So help me God.

    • I agree with you. Where we work is in God’s plan. Work became so much better when I learned (and practice) that whoever I work for I am really working for the Lord.

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