Matthew 5:42 niv


This is not saying we are to give or lend to those who have not because they are lazy.
Sometimes the most helpful thing to do for these people is to give them work to do
in exchange for what they are asking us to give them.
 However, if someone is needy and asks for our help we are to freely give to them    
and if someone needs help temporarily we are to lend to them.
Pray for a tender heart and wisdom when giving and lending.

Do you know someone who asks for help but is unwilling to help themselves?
Do you give to them what they are asking for or do you find other ways to help them?

Blessings this day of grace,


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2 thoughts on “Matthew 5:42 niv

  1. Helping can sometimes a dilemma. There are so many who are free loaders and no matter how much help is provided it`s never enough. I always struggle with this, so I rely on the Holy Spirit to move me.

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